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Packaged with its own sterile water packet, the Magic3 Hydrophilic Catheter provides virtually friction-free movement and removal. Its innovative packaging makes it quick and easy to prep while maintaining sterility. The Magic3 Hydrophilic Catheter is available in a sterile, single unit package as well as in a closed system that offers touch-free catheterization and an integral urine collection bag. Available in straight tip or Coudé.
100% Silicone | Maximum Comfort | Easier Handling & Navigation
The MAGIC3 intermittent catheter is made of 100% silicone is soft and designed to be gentle on delicate urethral tissue. It has an ultra soft outer layer designed to help maximize comfort. A firm middle layer for easier handling and a pliable inner layer for easier navigation.
Tapered Tip | Four Comfort Sized Drainage Eyes
Comfort designed tapered tip and four comfort sized drainage eyes for ease of movement over sensitive areas and maximum drainage and flow.
Hydrophilic Coating
The catheter’s outer surface has a hydrophilic coating on it that when wet creates a virtually friction-free catheter insertion and withdrawal.
Available with a SURE-GRIP Insertion Sleeve
The SURE-GRIP insertion sleeve allows the catheter to be held firmly without touching the surface, minimizing the risk of contamination.